Passwords, what else there is to know ?

I offer you a completely new level of security: custom passwords.

You can now create your passwords using symbols you probably didn't know existed.

Imagine how difficult it would be for a bad guy to try every combination out of 500+ symbols.

Compare this feature to systems you currently use. Most of them offer a little over 60 different symbols.


How secure my passwords really are ?

I'm going to get a bit nerdy.

Let's assume that our password is 8 characters long. (You can create longer passwords, no problem but just for comparison we need to assume that)

Let's assume that the bad guy can check 1 billion combinations per second.

In case of traditional systems (66 different possible symbols) any 8 character password will be broken in around 2 days and 2 hours.

In cpVaults custom password case (538 different possible symbols) the 8 character password would be discovered in around 111 thousand years.

Probably by that time information you are keeping secret will no longer be relevant.