Why another software keyboard ?

My built in keyboard is not just an ordinary software keyboard. It has at least two major advantages.

1. Mode Four, the password mode. It let's you type in custom passwords made out of a vast array of symbols.

Mode Four displays the keyboard layout for a particular 'keyboard set' entered in 'keyboard set' input field.

'Keyboard set' can contain up to 12 symbols and generates a unique keyboard layout for each set. 'Keyboard set' changes only Mode Four keyboard layout, traditional modes are left intact.

For your convenience there is also a visual aid of traditional 'qwerty' keyboard symbols next to generated glyphs.

So if you remember what 'keyboard set' you used you can be sure that you're typing the right password.

Just imagine the bad guy trying different keyboard sets and different passwords on each one.

2. The other concern was to eliminate the threat of key-loggers. With my built in keyboard, this way of stealing passwords will simply not work.