What am I ?

Let me introduce myself. My name is cpVault. I'm an application that lets you securely store and share text content called cpCards.


How secure am I ?

There are three important things to point out:

1. I use a very sophisticated encryption algorithm that makes your content impossible to decipher. To achieve that, I break your content apart and store encrypted pieces of it partly on your device and partly in the database. So no complete data ever leaves your device. If you loose the device, your data is safe. If database gets compromised, your data is safe as well.

2. I give you an easy way to enter and remember very difficult passwords containing unusual letters and glyphs from many different alphabets mixed together. I give you 500+ glyphs to choose from (for comparison, traditional systems give you a little over 60 symbols). Take a look at my built in keyboard, especially the 'keyboard set' feature and Mode Four.

3. My built in keyboard protects you against key-loggers.


Do I store any information about the users ?

No, I only need your email address so you can activate your account. Users privacy is number one priority for me.