What is cpVault account ?

cpVault account is a way to identify you as a user and assign the ownership of cpCards you create to you.

To create an account you have to provide a valid email address that belongs to you and set a password (more on passwords in PASSWORD section). 

After account has been created you have to log in to your email account and click the Activation Link inside the message you received from cpVault. 

That's it, you can log in to the application now and start using it.


Can a password be changed after account creation ?

In short, Yes. Just click 'account' button after you log in. You will be able to provide a new password and retype it to make sure it's correct. Then click 'confirm' button and you will be asked to type in the old password to authenticate such an importand change and click 'confirm' again or 'cancel' if you've changed your mind.


Can login or email be changed too ?

No. For security resons those stay the same. This protects you from someone stealing your account by changing an email. It is safe to assume that your email is not going to change owners.